Amazing finds for the furry kind


  • Walk with Me - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 23

    Final preparations are almost complete for the big day! We actually have two big days this year as some very special friends are getting married later today so we will be getting all dressed up in posh frocks and dinner jackets and having a very merry start to Christmas. We have a huge list of things that need to be sorted out this morning before we head off to the wedding venue, one of which is walking the pooches. So we are very excited that our competition today is some expert advice from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw.  Karen has a whole range of e-books available on her website where you can have a look at the specific training and behaviour issues you need help with and combine the various chapters into your very own training manual. Karen Wild Karen says "Taking your dog out on that post Christmas dinner walk can be one of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas Day. But what if your dog decides to pull you around and makes that special time a misery? My gift to you for the Dougal's Den advent today is a copy of my Walk with me e-book which gives you and your dog a special treat to be able to walk together on lead without fear of being dragged about. Merry Christmas and Happy walking! " Karen Wild BA(Hons)Dip App Psy How to Enter: We have one copy of this fab guide available and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to tell us what training your dog needs ( can be funny or serious) by posting a comment on our blog. Oh and if you are on twitter why not pop along and say hello to @wildpaw! The competition is open from 8am on the 23rd December until 8am on the 24th December and we will announce the winner sometime this week!

  • Something for the Kitty Kats- Christmas Countdown Competition Day 20

    With all of the boxes and wrapping paper that are all over our office at the moment I am reminded how cats usually love to play with boxes and bags more than they like the actual presents they contain. Our two cats Zack and Millie are no different and they simply cannot resist plastic bag, in fact we have had to rescue Millie from a black bin bag half full of wrapping paper on more than one occasion.

    Zack and Millie


    So we just love the idea of this cute cat tunnel which cats will love to climb inside and explore. It even has a cute red ball attached for paw swipes. Our cats just like to sit inside theirs and watch the world go by! The tunnels is red and has a festive green christmas design. Of course no christmas cat would be happy without some tasty morsels so our prize today is a tunnel plus three packs of Dreamies snacks. Cat Tunnel How to Enter So if you want to be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is tell us what's the strangest place your cat hides or perches on to watch the world go by. The competition is open from 10am on the 21st December until 10am on the 22nd December and we will announce the winner before christmas and do our best to get the parcel delivered before christmas.

  • Vet on Call - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 20

    I often thought as a child that I would like to be a vet when I was all grown up, but I think I would have found some aspects of the job too distressing, never mind the length of time it takes to qualify!  I suppose it must have been all those hours of watching James Herriot as a child or maybe it was the many trips to the vet when I was a child with various pets who were in need of some expert care. So it is no surprise at all that I loved the Vet on Call book by Mark Abraham, it is a tale of how Marc (having been told by his father to make something of himself) decided to set up an emergency out of hours service. As you can imagine it is packed full of a host of stories some funny, some sad, and we thoroughly recommend it as a great christmas read! The Nativity chapter will have you laughing out loud.

    Vet on Call Book by Marc Abraham


      Dougal was very impressed when we came back with our own copy earlier this year when we got to meet Marc at the Kennel Club launch of his 1st book. Marc has kindly donated a signed copy of his book which we have all ready to send out to one lucky winner. Some of you may recognise Marc from the telly where he has appeared on BBC Breakfast News, ITV's This Morning and Day Break, Sky's My Pet Shame amongst many others.  Or if you are a tweeter you no doubt will have taken part in his Guess the breed challenges. You can check what Marc has been up to and read all about his latest projects on his website as well as getting loads of handy  hints and tips about Canine Care on his iPhone app. How to Enter: 1. Its really simple just tell us what your most favourite pet related film, book or TV show ever was or is by posting a comment on our blog. The competition is open from 10am on the 20th December to 10am on the 21st December and we will announce the winner some time later this week.

  • Edible Christmas Card - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 19

    These days you can get christmas cards for and from everyone, we have spotted "From the cat", "To the dogs", "To my favourite teacher" amongst others. We always sign our cards from all our our furry friends as well, and most of our friends send seasons greetings to them on their cards to us. We also send cards from the pooches to each other, obviously hand picked by paw by the pets themselves. This is the one that the boys have picked out this year!

    Doggy Christmas Card


      So it is no great surprise that we have a range of edible christmas cards for your pooch. Made from rawhide these cute cards even have their own card envelope so you can pop them in the post to your furry friends.  
    Edible Dog Christmas Card


    They are quite tough and should keep even the most chew monsters happy for a few hours on christmas day. One word of caution is that the natural dyes used in the cards can get transferred onto light fabric and furnishings when the chew gets a tad soggy so best to keep an eye on your pooch when they have this treat. How to Enter To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is tell us how many cards your furry friends get a mention in! The competition is open from 10am on the 19th to 10am on the 20th, the winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime this week! We still have a few days worth of competitions before Christmas so be sure to check in each day for a chance to win a great gift for you or your furry friends.      

  • Canine Care App - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 14

    There's an app for that is something that all iPhone and iPad customers are well used to hearing, in fact I have so many on my i phone that I have had to do a bit or re organising recently, to make way for some new apps that I expect to be adding when I get a chance to sit down and have a rest between christmas and new year. But never did I think that I would be able to say the words...blocked anal glands in dogs?...there's an app for that!  Well now there is thanks to that lovely chap Marc Abraham  otherwise know to the gang on twitter as @Marcthevet.

    Marc The Vet's Canine Care


    Marc the Vet’s Canine Care app is available from Apple’s AppStore to download or even send as a gift to fellow dog-lovers, and contains over an hour of specialist video content giving you easy tips on looking after your dog including how to safely brush your dog’s teeth, apply eye ointment and even deal with the dreaded anal glands! Canine Care’s also has an emergency section will help you detect more serious conditions like bloat and gastric torsion early which could even save your dog’s life; and as if that’s not enough Canine Care also lists fun recipes for dog treats, finds your nearest vet and dog-friendly pub, as well as pet insurance quote generator plus links to discounted foods, training aids, and preventative medicines to protect your dog against fleas and worms. The great news just announced by Marc is that to help with Vet Fund Appeal, Oldies Club Patron Marc is giving away £1 from every one of his Canine Care iPhone Apps sold between now and New Year to help older dogs receive the treatment and care they deserve. The Oldies club are working closely with UK shelters specialising in the rescue and rehoming of older unwanted dogs over 7 years old and helping them find their forever homes. If you want to read more about the great work that they do then check them out! So today we have a very generous give away for FIVE winners who will each receive a totally free copy of Marc's Canine Care App, obviously this app only works on  iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But if you win you could always donate your free app to a friend who has one of these devices. (All we need in an e-mail address to arrange access) How to Enter: 1. It is easy peasey, all you have to do is tell is what your favourite app is or what app you wish someone would invent by posting a comment on our blog. Oh and if you are on twitter why not say hello to @marcthevet! The competition is open from 10am on the 14th December until 10am on the 15th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 15th. Canine Care with Marc the Vet is available to purchase now from the AppStore for only £2.99 with £1 from every purchase going to Oldies Club Vet Fund Appeal until midnight Monday 2nd January 2012. For more information on Oldies Club visit:
  • Delicious Dog Treats - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 13

    Christmas would not be complete without the odd treat or two. We have been stockpiling the human treats for a few weeks mainly so that the trolly will not be groaning under the weight of yule logs and mince pies when we attempt the final 'big shop' before christmas. With treats in mind we have also placed our final order of the year for some delicious dog treats from The Bespoke Dog Bakery. We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and Vicki at the LovePets show in Peterborough earlier this year and just loved the variety of doggie treats they had on offer. From beefy bites, cheese stars to liver and bacon bones, our two pooches love them all.

    The Bespoke Dog Bakery


    I have to be honest and say that sometimes our pups can be a bit fussy over new treats, but when I brought these treats home they loved every flavour! I even put some in the freezer, and just like the ladies said, they are great when they have been defrosted as well as when freshly made.
    Liver and Bacon Bones


    The clever ladies also have wheat, grain, cereal and gluten free treats so a great choice if your pup has food intolerance or allergy issues. They even have celebration cakes for extra special occasions. All of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients and they use locally sourced high quality human grade ingredients. Of course there are no nasties in their treats as they do not add salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings or E numbers to any of their yummy treats. Time is running out if you want some healthy and tasty dog treats for your pooch this christmas as the last guaranteed day for christmas delivery with the Bespoke Dog Bakery is the 16th December but we have managed to get some of their tasty treats as a special christmas gift for one lucky winner. How to enter: 1. Visit The Bespoke Dog Bakery site have a look at their products and come back here and tell us what your dog's favorite treat would be! It would also be nice if you followed the guys on twitter @bespokedogbaker if you are a tweeter! The competition is open from 10am on the 13th December until 10am on the 14th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 14th.

  • Captain's Bone - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 12

    Have you got a chewer? we have two of them in fact when Dougal was young he managed to chew the table legs in the kitchen, luckily the table was just a cheap and cheerful model but I think he would still have munched on the finest antique legs. Ozzy McTini is less of a chewer of hard things, he seems to prefer soft toys and blankets, oh and on occasions even his bed. Dogs chew for all sorts of different reasons and sometimes they really like something they can get their teeth into. Which is why we love it when we  come across a range of great looking toys that can help your dog's mouth and gum health. The Marine Toy range is a great looking set of toys in all sorts of shapes and sizes which are all great for chewers who like rope toys. Unlike some of the cheap models you will find in discount stores, these toys are sturdy and will not fray and cause potential choking hazard to your dog ( although we always recommend that you keep an eye on toys like this especially if you have a determined chewer). So today's competition is for a Captain's Bone marine toy it is made from 100% natural cotton rope and is ideal as a training aid for games of fetch. The strong construction will also help floss your dog's teeth and gums.

    Captains Bone Dog Toy


    How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us what's the most expensive thing your dog has chewed! The competition is open from 10am on the 12th December until 10am on the 13th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 13th.

  • Smart Dressed Dog - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 10

    Well christmas day is even closer so perhaps its time to start thinking about what your christmas photo's are going to look like this year?Every year we try to take a 'family' picture of us with all of the pets, not an easy task with two cairn terriers and two cats. But we try our best. This pic is one of our favourites of Dougal with his favourite chicken! We had given up on the family picture as you can see!

    Dougal and Chicken


    We don't usually dress the dogs up, but I admit that Mr Ozzy McTini has a little t shirt this year and I think that we will be putting the old man in a tie which I think befits his advancing years! There are some weird and wonderful costumes out there for your pooch, but just take care that you do not cause any distress to your beloved pet by making them wear something which they are clearly not happy about. A little tie should not cause too much concern for a dog who is used to wearing a collar.   Dog Wearing Tie So today's competition is for one of our lovely Poochie Ties, they come in three designs and are elasticated and adjustable so you can make sure of a comfy fit! How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us what your pooch will be wearing on Christmas Day. The competition is open from 10am on the 11th December until 10am on the 12th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 12th.            

  • Santa's Chocca Chimney - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 9

    It is about this time in December that we wrap up all of the presents we have managed to buy so far and then suddenly realise that we need to do an emergency shop because we have not been as organised as we thought. You know what it's like, you have a look at your list, look at the meagre pile of presents and think oh no that does not look like very much! Panic usually sets in and its time for a trip around the shops which are all packed with people in a similar situation so usually you end up buying something that is not ideal and will probably end up in a drawer or cupboard.  

    Santa chocca chimney Dog Toy


    With this in mind we have a great prize on offer today for a lovely little stocking filler. Dogs like kids usually like some chocolate ( dog safe of course) and a toy so our Chocca Chimney fits the bill. Inside the little chimney packaging you will find a packet of chocolate buttons and popping his head out of the chimney is a lovely Squeaky Santa dog toy. The great thing is that this present looks a lot more expensive than it actually is so its also ideal as a last minute stocking filler. How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us what last minute panic present you have received. The competition is open from 10am on the 9th December until 10am on the 10th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 9th. Go on what are you waiting for get cracking for a chance to win a Santa Chocca Chimney for your pooch.    

  • Plague Rat - Christmas Countdown Competition Day 8

    Ok it's time for a cat christmas countdown competition. Our cats are a bit strange when it comes to toys, they tend to prefer the 'live' toy variety and at this time of year we are always being left little presents. Don't you just love pets!!

    The only other toy that they seem to return to time and time again are the Plague Rat cat toys. These little guys are hand made in Wales and are stuffed full of the strongest catnip and valerian.

    Nip Tastic


    I tend to think of them as the human equivalent of a few glasses of champagne to get you all fizzed up, followed by the bacon sarnie the next morning to help you recover. The cat nip is the champagne which will send your cat into a frenzied fit of furriness or alternatively send them into a catnip coma where they just sit in the corner looking slightly mellow. The valerian calms down them after their escapades. They are very powerful cat nip toys so much so that we recommend that if you are having them delivered you make sure that the cats can't get to the parcel, we have lots of stories of cats ripping the packaging off to get at the cattastic toys inside. One other thing to point out is that the Plague Rat does have a rather strange odour which is not that pleasant to humans but your cat will love you forever if they get their paws on one of these toys. So to be in with a chance of winning two of these fab cat toys for for feline friends here is all you have to do:- How to enter : 1. Simply post a comment on our blog telling us your cat's current favourite toy. The competition is open from 10am on the 8th December until 10am on the 9th of December and we will announce the winner sometime on the 9th. Go on what are you waiting for get cracking for a chance to win two of these nip tastic Plague Rat toys.

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