Space Etiquette for Dogs

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We just love this poster which describes why dogs need their own space and how what one owner thinks is Ok for their dog might not work for you. We often get worried ourselves on walks when a big dog runs up towards our two pooches so no wonder sometimes our dogs get scared too!


This and other posters from the talented Lili Chin will be on display in our shop in the information area so watch this space for more of these great designs which we think get the message across in a very colourful way.

What do you think, do you let your dogs off the lead to run up to other dogs? Have you been scared of a strange dog running towards you and yours at speed?

Jubilee Time

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No doubt everyone is getting excited ready for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the 4th and 5th on June. Obviously we all know that the queen is a keen animal lover and she has had a special connection with the Corgi breed for many years, so we though this would be the ideal time to do a little research into how this all came about.

You can check out our special Jubilee Infographic and join in the celebrations as well as finding out some interesting info about the history of the Corgi in the Royal Family as well as some other interesting facts about other animals the royal family have been given as gifts.

Royal Jubilee


We will be having a few days off to celebrate so we do hope that the lovely weather continues for a while, whatever you are up to this weekend and bank holiday be sure to have fun.

Harmful foods for Dogs

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What with it being days away from Easter we know there is going to be a lot of chocolate consumed ( we are actually looking forward to a little bit of a break too! ) . Now almost everyone must know that chocolate can be very harmful to dogs, but you might be surprised to hear about some other foods that are potentially harmful for dogs. So we created this lovely infographic to show you the foods that you might not know about!

Poisonious Dog Foods

So make sure you keep all your lovely easter eggs and choccie treats well away from your dogs. We wish you all a very Happy Easter, and remember there is still one day left to order any goodies for your pets. If you order by the 4th April and select 1st Class Post they should get there in time for Easter.


Crufts Infographic

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We are almost ready for Crufts! All the Poochie bells are packed up and we are ready to launch some brand new designs alongside all of the old favourites. We also have some new dog toys from Kyjen our absolute favourite dog toy company.

We hope to meet many of our customers face to face and paw to paw as well as being able to catch up with some friends, so if you are popping along don’t forget to come and see us in Hall 1 Stand 78.

In the meantime to get you in the mood have a look at our latest infographic which is of course all about Crufts!



Crufts Info Graphic

Google Dogs – what do we all search for on line? [Infographic]

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Ever wondered what the dog lovers are searching for on line? We were fascinated when we saw some of the statistics from Google. We thought that most of our dog loving pals would find the final statistic about the search term “What is a cat?” fascinating.

Dougals Den Pet Google Search Infographic

Please feel free to share this infographic on your blog or website using the following code.

<img src=” ” alt=”Google Pet Searches”  title=”Google Pet Searches” /><br />Google Pet Searches Infographic created by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Jasmine Bould at Dougal’s Den</a> for <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Dougal’s Den</a>.


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