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  • Muddy Pups

    We had a little incident at the weekend while we were having a lovely stroll to the Holly Bush pub at Denford for a Sunday lunch time drink. Walking along the canal with two lively springers Albert and Daisy and one lively terrier Ozzy McDougal we were all surprised when the old'un Dougal decided to take a little dip in the canal. Now this is not at all unusual behaviour as he has always loved swimming, however what was a surprise and a source of mild panic was the fact that he had decided to go in to the canal at a point where it was impossible for him to get out himself. We all had visions of having to jump in to get him or walk miles around to the the other side where he could get out more easily.



    Thankfully Albert springer came to the rescue by jumping in and guiding Dougal to the side of the canal where we could grab him and fish him out. So one very happy pooch and two slightly soaking wet owners later we decided it was time for a bath. Canals can be extremely smelly places so a lovely Pet Head Shampoo and Conditioner pampering session soon restored all to sweet smells all round.


    To celebrate the lucky rescue we have a special offer on all Pet Head products and for a limited time we are giving away a free scunchie with every purchase of Pet Head Shampoo. We have found that this is by far the best thing to use to get the shampoo into a dogs thick fur, and it means you don't have to use so much shampoo which has to be a good thing. We reflected on the events of the day and the dog's dad revealed that he was about to get his phone out of his pocket and remove his watch when he saw the pooch heading for the opposite bank. All I could think was why didn't I think of that ? I never even thought about my phone as I too was ready to launch myself head first into the canal. Thankfully it all ended happily and we all had a good old chuckle and it all goes to prove there is plenty of life in the old dog yet!

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