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  • Hide a Toy Gingerbread House Tested by Pickles

    We love it when we see pictures or even better video's of your pets having fun with our products. So we just had to share this video from Karen Wild aka @wildpaw and the amazing Pickles with the Hide a Toy Gingerbread House from Kyjen. Pickles is a very clever pooch, well what else would you expect having a training and behaviour expert as his hu-mum! In this sequence you can see Pickles correctly get the ginger bread man toy out of the house first. The toys are part of the interactive dog toys from kyjen which we stock. They are extremely popular toys for dogs who need a little more than just a toy they can chew or chase.

  • Seamsters Dog Toy Tested

    We are always very excited to find a new dog toy to test and when we heard that one of our favourite brands Kyjen had introduced a new concept in dog toys for chewers well we had to get some in stock. They are called seamsters and the concept is simple, combine a rubber dog toy with a rawhide chew for dogs who love to chew. So you have a rubber toy, shaped like a bone or a rugby ball, or American Football depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. The rubber shapes have strategically placed slots which you then thread thin rawhide strips through. Then give to your pooch to investigate, we choose Ozzy McDougal for this test as he is generally more interested in the chew type toys. He has the small weave bone seamster toy in his paws and as you can see he is kept pretty busy with the toy. He spent quite a while trying to get the rawhide bits off the toy and even after the strip was removed he was still quite interested in the toy. The best thing was that he could only get little bits of the rawhide chew off the toy at any one time making it a much safer option, than just giving him the rawhide chew on is own. We have the full range in stock as well as the replacement rawhide strips designed to complement the toys. The recommendation is to soak the specially designed rawhide strips in water to let them soften, rethread the toy and leave it to harden before letting your dog have the toy again for safety reasons. However we also found that the very thin strips of hide chew available in supermarkets or pet shops will sometimes fit depending on their thickness, but they will not be as easy to thread. An added bonus with the football shaped toy is that the two halves are actually threaded together and there is space inside to place a few smaller treats or pieces of dried kibble, making it an even more interesting toy for your curious pooch. Once again Kyjen have come up with a great toy range which we are sure will prove very popular with all of our doggie customers.

  • Rain Rain Go Away!

    We usually love going for walks with the pooches but the last few days have been so wet and horrible that even the boys are not fussed about going out for a walk. Apart from the trot around the field to take care of their business they have been firmly attached to their beds for most of the weekend! Just could not resist showing you the two of them in their different sleeping poses! This first picture is of Mr Ozzy McDougal who prefers the bean bag type of bed, this is a human bean bag which he has taken over as his favourite sleeping spot!

    Ozzy McDougal Sleeping


    Where as Dougal prefers to stretch right out and loves his pillow bed ( we actually have this dog bed in stock in the shop on sale at the moment). Wherever they end up sleeping they always look so comfortable, it makes me sleepy just looking at these pictures.
    Dougal Sleeping on Pet Brands Bed


  • Advent Competition Winners

    Finally ! here is the full list of winners from the Advent Competitions we held throughout December. Most of the prizes have already been sent out and some of the winners have been kind enough to send in pictures of their furry friends. Thanks to everyone who took part in the competitions we laughed out loud at some of your comments. We will be running a series of monthly competitions throughout 2012 to coincide with launches of various new product lines so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and on the website for the chance to win.

    Alligator Squeaker Mat Dog Toy


    Yap Dog Tie


    If you see your name on the list and we have not been in touch  or you have not received your prize please drop us an email at and we will get things sorted out for you. Oh and if you have a picture you want to share, send it along and we will get it on the blog! Singing Reindeer Dog Toy won by Adele Knight Jackie Lawson subscription won by Gillian Holmes Cat Bling Collar won by Karen Chilvers Edible Doggie Christmas Card won by Denise Sansum Litter Mate Pet Mat won by Pamela Hamby Santa Ball Buddy Toy won by Susan McKeon Invincibles Mega Snake won by  Lisa Day Plague Rat Cat toys won by Laura Santa Chocca Chimney won by Jo Kelly Doggie Tie won by Jennie Bennet Captains Bone won by Katie Faulkner Bespoke Baker Dog Treats won by Elisabeth Smith Canine Care app from marcthevet won by Laura & Shelly Jessup Alligator Squeaker Mat won by Lynn Gibbins Santa Bottle Buddy won by Tegan ( the dog) Doorganizer won by Holly Green Edible Christmas Card won by Shelly Jessup Vet on Call book by Marcthevet won by Dawn Louise Kitty Kat play tunnel won by Julie Wood Walk with Me training guide by @wildpaw won by Lisa Day

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