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  • Dougal's Den Christmas Advent Competition

    Well it is almost time to start counting down the days to christmas, so we have decided to hold our first ever advent competition. For every day up until the 25th December we will have an easy to enter competition where you can win a whole host of great prizes for your furry friends and even for you too. We have joined forces with some great companies and people we know personally to bring you lots of gorgeous goodies as well a whole host of stuff from Dougal's Den.



    Amongst the prizes on offer we have some tasty treats from the Bespoke Dog Bakery , the chance to build your very own training manual from Intellidogs, and a years subscription to send unlimited animated e-cards from Jacquie Lawson.
    Bespoke Dog Bakery


      We have even managed to nab signed copy of Marc the Vet's latest book, some copies of his Canine Care App, and we have a very special one off prize from Marc, but you will have to wait to find out what that one is!
    Marc The Vet's Canine Care


    Every day at 10:00am we will announce the latest competition on our blog and you will have 24 hours to enter that day's competition. We will let you know what you have to do to enter, don't worry it will be very simple. Winners will be announced each day too on our twitter and facebook pages. Let the fun and games begin! See you all tomorrow at 10:00am for the 1st competition.  

  • Labradoodle Honking the Horn

    This little cutie decided that he had had enough and wanted to go home so he honked the horn much to the amusement of his owners!  

  • Pippa Langhorne & Buddy Christmas Style

    Last month at the LovePets show in Peterborough we had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Pippa Langhorne and her Lhasa Apso, Buddy. Pippa has a truly enchanting voice and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching her entertain the visitors to the show with her lovely boy. After one of her performances Pippa stopped by our stand and Buddy tried on one of our fun Dog Elf Costumes, as you can see he looks very cute. However the pup was not that impressed by the outfit ( we think he did not like the little elf feet ). So instead Buddy is now sporting one of our Santa Hoodies, we think he look so cute and we hope that his Santa Hoodie will keep him warm and looking festive right the way through to Christmas Day.



    You can find out all about Pippa and Buddy here and even watch some of her performances. We have a great range of christmas wear for your pooch from bandanas to hats and even some cute doggie ties so your dog can feel dressed up for christmas day without too much effort!

  • Kyjen Gecko Invincibles

    We have a great new range of invincibles dog toys from Kyjen just in time for christmas. If your dog loves squeaky toys, but gets bored when they have managed to puncture the squeaker these toys could be just what you need. The toys are fun gecko designs in blue or orange fabric with no stuffing, just the special design squeaker inside they are available in two sizes. You can see one being tested in the video below. Now then of course the toy is not totally indestructible no dog toy is, and if you let your dog chew through the fabric then the gecko will be no more. Having two cairn terriers we know only too well how dogs can nibble and nibble until guess what there is a little hole, the stuffing is removed together with the squeaker. Bye Bye Toy. These toys do not contain any stuffing and whilst we cannot guarantee that this toy will last forever, if your dog is less of a nibbler and more of a squeak freak then this toy will continue to squeak even when they have managed to puncture it.

  • Poorly Puss with burst abscess

    Some of you may remember that we have a semi feral cat Zack. I say semi feral as he is kind of OK with people he knows but if he hears a stranger's voice he will bolt for the nearest door or window and that is the last we will see of him for at least a few hours. He also hates the dogs with a vengeance although he has been getting braver hissing at the pup when he gets too close. So as you might imagine he does not like to be picked up or fussed in anyway - in fact the only time he lets me stroke him is if I have just put some food in his bowl. So it was a horrible moment on Tuesday night when I gave  both the cats a midnight snack and stroked Zack only to feel a horrible sore on his neck. He did not seem bothered by it so I got down on all fours and peered at him while he was eating his tasty treats. All I can say is it looked awful, red, sore and very bloody, but he did not seem at all bothered so given the late hour and my preference for seeing my regular Vet I locked both the cats in for the night. On Wednesday morning he was fine so with no breakfast for either of us and eventually after a lot of trial and error on my part I got him into the cat carrier and off we sped to Churnet Valley Vets. He howled the whole way like an injured baby. One look at his neck from Pat the Vet, coupled with the fact that we both knew there was no way I would be able to get antibiotic cream on his neck every day for a week or so which is the conventional treatment led us to the decision that he needed to be stitched up. So roll forward a few hours and a very groggy puss arrived back home complete with cat collar and a rather messy looking scar. Pat had removed all of the rough edges that would possibly lead to infection, cleaned out Zack's wound - which looked like it was a burst abscess and double stitched him up. Look away now if you are squeamish!  This is his wound.  

    Poorly Boy


    We all had a very restless night and Zack was very scared having the collar on so this morning I removed the collar and let him outside. So far today he has stayed close to the house and has not scratched at his wound so I am hoping that he continues to leave it alone. Apparently these type of wounds are quite common on cats who are fighters which both Zack and Millie are, they defend their territory at all costs and this time the boy got injured. It could have just been a little scratch or a bite that then got infected and eventually burst through. Most owners do not notice them when they are small and it is only when they get to the gory stage that they become apparent, or if they get infected in which case your cat may develop a very bad smell. This made me feel slightly less of a bad cat mother for not spotting it sooner and the lesson for me is to check the cats with a bit more regularity like I do with the dogs. On a final note apparently the cats who run away from a fight usually end up with injuries like this on their back or hind quarters where as the do or die type have them around their face or neck. I always knew Zack was a brave boy and now he has the scars to prove it.

  • Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog

    Yes it is that time of year again, when thoughts of mince pies and sprouts start to surface and almost every advert on TV is a christmas one! So not to feel left out we have compiled our very own Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your dog. Ball Buddy GingerBread Man 

    Kyjen_Ball_Buddy_Gingerbread Man


      These cute and cuddly Ball Buddies from Kyjen squeak when you squeeze ‘em. The extra-loud squeaker ball bodies make this plush and ball combo a surefire dog favourite. The Ball Buddy gingerbread man dog toy is a great stocking filler suitable for medium to larger size dogs as the ball is probably on the large size for smaller dogs to get their chops around. Christmas Dog Bandanna
    Kyjen Dog Bandana


    Well it wouldn't be christmas without some decorations would it? While we do not advocate the full bells and whistles dressing of any pets this cute bandanna should not cause any problems for your pooch. With this Christmas Dog Bandana your pooch will look the part this christmas. The soft double thickness red velvet fabric hangs beautifully and the white fur trim gives a real festive feel. Complete with a cute jingle bell the perfect christmas look for a stylish pooch. Santa Meerkat Dog Toy
    Meerkat Dog Toy


    The Good Boy Santa Meerkat Dog Toy from Armitage is a great, fun Christmas present for your pooch. Good Boy Dog Advent Calendar


    Is your dog looking forward to christmas, hoping for a stocking full of toys and treats? Well why not count down the days to christmas with this lovely Dog Advent Calendar containing a doggie safe chocolate treat for the count down to the big day. Christmas Reindeer Lobber Dog Toy
    Lob it reindeer Dog Toy


    Lob It! Reindeer Lobber is made from latex has been designed to be thrown around and to withstand tough play. With grab handles it allows easy grip for your pooch to play with. This Reindeer squeaks like no other! A great interactive toy. Hide  a Toy Gingerbread House
    Hide a Toy Gingerbread Dog Toy


    This unique, interactive puzzle dog toy is designed to challenge as well as entertain! You dog will have hours of fun while sharpening their cognitive skills at the same time. The fun gingerbread house is a lovely biscuit colour with white fur trim icing and fun candy stripe shapes. Each house contains three squeaky toys a cube, a bone and of course a gingerbread man who is wearing a cute santa hat. Your dog will love trying to get the shapes out of the house, lots to keep your pooch occupied at Christmas time and beyond. Durable design and craftsmanship ensures long-lasting puzzle-solving fun! Kyjen Tuff Ones Christmas Tree Dog Toy
    Tuff Ones Christmas Tree Dog Toy


    Treat your pooch this christmas with his very own christmas tree. The cute green plush fabric has red blue and yellow baubles appliqued on the front and is edged in black double stitched trim for extra durability. Just what your pooch wants to find in his christmas stocking. Santa Alligator Squeaker Mat  
    Xmas Gator


    This innovative toy has multiple squeakers inside each mat. In total there are 16 of them all in individually stitched compartments. Squeaker Mat dog toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours by squeaking anywhere they touch it! The cute Santa Had can be removed easily after the festive season. Dog Christmas Stocking


    This designer style dog christmas stocking is our best selling stocking. Made from luxurious velvet red fabric with cute green bones, paw print and even some festive holly, sure to complement your decorations at home. The added bonus is that you can personalise this dog christmas stocking with a photo of your own dog and slot in into the dog house pocket on the front of the stocking. Poochie Bells Spruce
    Poochie Bells Spruce


    Poochie Bells are a stylish doggie doorbell training aid which you simply hang on your door handle or on a hook next to the door. Then with a little time and patience you can train your pooch to ring the bells to let you know when they want to go outside. This great design has traditional pine cones with spruce trimmings on a light green ribbon perfect for a classic seasonal themed room. You can find all of these items at Dougal's Den where we have more amazing finds for the furry kind.

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