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  • Relax My Dog

    With Halloween and Bon Fire night just around the corner we have been on the look out for ways to calm and relax the dogs. We came across Relax My Dog which is calming music mixed with high pitched frequencies to capture the dog's attention. The guys at Relax My Dog believe that the music and frequencies used can help dogs overcome phobias, reduce stress and generally lower anxiety levels. They also have blended some environmental sounds into the tracks so that you dog will become more comfortable when they hear these sounds outside your home. We have started playing the free track which is available on youtube to the pooches when they have their quiet time after the morning walk, and again in the evening when Mr Ozzy McDougal usually wants to go for a crazy run around. The results are quite amazing, they both just stare at the speaker for a while and then they sit down, closely followed by lying down, and then some gentle snoring takes over. We have even played it at bed time and find the classical music quite relaxing for humans as well. So if you have a dog who you know is going to be anxious this halloween then why not give the freebies available from Relax My Dog a try over the next week and who knows you might have a more relaxing Halloween.

  • Dougal's Den Ducks

    Welcome to our four lovely ladies! Beaky, Feathers, Margo and Webber. We were asked to look after Beaky the duck by our farm friends as she needs to be kept safely locked away overnight to keep her safe from Mr Fox and when we got her we though she was a bit lonely so we got her some new pals. As you can see the ducks absolutely love their paddling pool, and they are now so tame that they will almost eat corn from our hands. They are a bit of extra work as we have to make sure they have clean water at all times and we also have the delight of duck poo clearing which takes part on Sunday mornings. The dogs treat them very differently, Dougal basically ignores them Ozzy however is a different matter I think in typical terrier fashion he is planning the moment he can get through the fence to do some duck chasing. The girls are lovely to watch splish splashing around and the sheer delight they get from a plastic pool full of water makes me smile.

  • Top 10 Squeaky Dog Toys

    Most pooches love squeaky dog toys and there are a lot out there to choose from so we thought that we would share with you our Top 10. Your dog will love on the other hand may need ear plugs! 1. iPaw Vinyl Dog Toy

    I paw Dog Toy


    This fun little toy is cheap and cheerful and is really more of a novelty present for all you geeky dog lovers. As you would expect it is playing the tune "Who let the dogs out?" Woof Woof Woof. It won't last forever as it is a simple vinyl toy, but it is sure to raise a laugh or too. 2. Dangle Ball Monkey Dog Toy
    Dangle Ball Monkey


    This cute little toy is a squeaking toy with a dangle tennis ball attached hence the name. We just love it because of the pink fluffy 'hair' covering the body part of the toy. It would be a great choice for a girlie girl pooch. 3. Magic Hat with Rabbit Dog Toy
    Plush Puzzle Magic Hat with Rabbits


    Now you see it now you don't as you would expect every magicians hat has to contain a rabbit or in this case three of them. This toy is a hide and seek toy and is great for dogs who like to sniff out treats as you can put a few treats inside the hat where the rabbits are hiding to encourage your pooch to find the furries! 4. Egg Babies Platypus  
    Egg Babies Platypus


    If your dog loves to rip the stuffing out of plush toys well this egg babies toy could be just what you have been looking for. It is designed with a clever little pouch in its belly where there are three squeaking eggs hiding so instead of ripping the toy apart your pooch can pull out the squeaking eggs. It comes with five eggs just in case your dog gets overexcited and 'cracks' an egg. 5. Hamish McBeth Shoe & Handbag
    Hamish McBeth Toy


    Every girl needs lots of shoes and handbags and do does every dog about town, this foxy little leopard print set is sure to be a hit with your favourite little on trend pooch. Compact size makes this a great combo for the toy and small breeds. Hopefully this will keep your pooch out of the real shoe cupboard. 6. Hard Boiled Softee Bee This softie Bee is not all that he seems! The cute exterior hides a tough rubber shell inside shaped like a huge egg which will make the funniest grunt when grabbed by your dog. A tougher style of squeaky dog toy, suitable for medium to large size dogs. 7. Moose Dog Toy
    Wild and Crazy Moose


    This unusual dog toy from the Wild n Crazy range by Kyjen is sure to be a hit with your pooch. You don't often see a moose dog toy so if you are looking for something a little bit different we are sure your pooch will love this larger than average toy. It has more of a grunt than a a squeak. 8. Tough Turtle Dog Toy
    Plush Puzzle Tough Turtle


    The toy is shaped like turtle and it hiding inside are three squeaky baby turtles. All your dog has to do is figure out how to get the little critters out. When they do just stuff the babies back in again for lots of fun and games. This is a tougher than average plush toy for dogs who like to play rough. 9. Alligator Squeaker Mat
    Alligator Squeaker Mat


    This innovative toy has multiple squeakers inside each mat. In total there are 16 of them all in individually stitched compartments. Squeaker Mat dog toys will keep your pooch entertained for hours by squeaking anywhere they touch it. Great for two dogs to play tug of war too! 10. Invincibles Dog Toys


    Kyjen Invicibles are one of a kind, the 1st ever stuffing free plush dog toy which will continue to squeak even if the squeaker is punctured. So you can just imagine the endless fun your pooch will have with one of these great dog toys. Possibly the best squeaky dog toy we have ever seen. All of the above range is available at the moment, and we will be having additional deliveries in time for the christmas rush.

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