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  • Hem and Boo Giveaway!

    To make up for not having any give aways since thursday when we promised to have one every day this week, we thought we would make up for it with an extra special give away today.  

    Hem and Boo Lead, Collar Dog Toy


    You can win a Hem and Boo adjustable collar, lead and dog toy for your pooch! They come in three sizes small medium and large so there will be one to fit any breed of dog. And the toy is a cute Doggie in Co Ordinating shades of blue. Even though they are blue they would look good on a lady doggie as they are quite trendy colours. All you have to do is tell us how you have been keeping your pets cool in the sweltering heat! We have been making ice pops for the pooches and filling Ozzy’s puppy kong with ice cubes which he loves to crunch. Just post a comment on this blog to be in with a chance of winning! The competition is open all weekend and we will select a winner at random on Monday 25th April, entries from all over the world are welcome. Good Luck and Stay in the Shade!

  • Buzzy Bee Competition

    What a great start to the weekend with all of this lovely sunshine, birds singing, flowers blooming, and bees buzzing. So how about a Buzzy Bee Puzzle toy competition?

    Hide a bee dog toy


    If you have not seen these great plush puzzle toys from Kyjen, let me explain how they work... basically they are a hide and seek type of toy where your pooch has to find the squeaky bees hidden inside the funky yellow hive. If your dog has not encountered this type of toy before then here are some hot tips to get the fun started. 1. Your dog will be most attracted to the Hide a Bee if your scent is on the toy ( this is true of all toys). So our top tip for transferring your scent to the toy is to place the toy in your wash basket of already worn dry clothes for a minimum of 12 hours before introducing it to your pooch. 2. Let your dog see the squeaking bees first by removing them from the hive let your pooch have a good old play with the bees, maybe throw a bee and get them to fetch it a few times. Ok with me so far? 3. Once your dog is engaged and interested in the bees, place them back inside the hive. Squeak them a few times after they have been placed inside and then you can let the fun begin. We always say "find it" to our furry pals at this point! 4. After your dog has successfully removed the bees from the hive replace them repeatedly for maximum, fun entertainment and skill development. 5. If your pooch needs a little encouragement to play with the toy or is very food driven then why not place a few small treats inside the toy for them to find. These toys are a really great way to have some interactive play with your dog which is different from the usual fetch or tug games you may play so why not check out the full range. Ok back to the competition! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a Hide a Bee toy is to finish this sentence You know summer has arrived when........ Enter by posting a comment on this blog post. Competition ends at midnight on the 10th of April so get cracking. Winner will be selected at random and this competition is open to everyone not just UK residents. Whatever you are up to this weekend have a fun.

  • National Pet Month 2011

    National Pet Month LogoWhat a great way to start the week! National Pet Month runs from 2nd April until 2nd May and all over the country there  are events where people will be celebrating life with their pets. There is lots of information on events taking place and how you can join in on the their Website. For Our Customers As part of our celebration of all things furry and fluffy we are giving all of our online customers 10% off all of the products in out store until midnight on the 2nd May. All you have to do to get the discount on your order is to input the code NATIONALPET on the checkout page and your 10% discount will be applied. Medical Detection Dogs We are also supporting a very worthy cause during National Pet Month who are  Medical Detection Dogs a great charity who train detection dogs so that they can detect the odour of cancer in humans. The charity also provide Medical Alert Dogs who live alongside their human companions helping them manage day to day life threatening conditions by detecting minute changes in body odour. These include Diabetes blood sugar alert dogs trained for individuals coping with unstable Type 1 Diabetes. They also train dogs for other life threatening conditions such as severe pain seizures and Addison`s Disease. Alert dogs warn their owners and bring vital medical supplies and get assistance if required. We are supporting this great charity through a partnership with @Wildpaw and we have both  pledged to get fit, healthy and shed some flab in time for summer as part of the SkinnyPaws challange.  You can check out the Skinny Paws weekly challenges and if you want to support us you can donate here. So I think it is going to be a very busy April for all of us!

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