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  • Save Lennox

    Today we are taking a break from our usual fun activities to share a though for a dog called Lennox, who has been taken away from his family and sentenced to death. Time may be running out for Lennox, you can read all about his story here and please, please take a minute to sign this petition.  We cannot imagine what his family are going through and what Lennox must be going through having been away from his family for so long. He has never hurt anyone and yet he was taken away because of how he looks. Our hearts go out to Lennox's family and we are hoping that the appeal process will allow them to bring their boy home.

  • Morris the Mule Competition

    As promised, ok a bit later than usual here is you chance to win a fun and funky Morris the Mule note holder for your desk. If like me you are always scrabbling around for a bit of paper and a pen when you have a phone call this could be just what you need! Morris the Mule This cute memo pad holder is called Morris he will sit on your desk and be ready and waiting with a pad of blank memos on his back and he will even hold your pen or pencil in his mouth so you will never utter the words just let me find a pen and paper again. He has a laundry peg style mouth and will happily hold your pen all day long or if you have a really important don't forget note then he will hold that for you instead. He is made from a tough wipe clean plastic material but we promise he does not make a lot of mess!So if you want to give Morris a home he will be your loyal servant for many years to come, the memo pad is included and you can refill him with any memo pads that measure up to 8.5cm by 8.5 cm. He comes in three stylish colours so he will not look out of place with any style of decoration. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what don't forget note you would get Morris to hold your you! This competition is open to everyone not just UK based people. Competition closes on Monday 28th Match at midnight.

  • Paws For Japan

    You may not know that when we are not busy with Dougal's Den we also run charity events on twitter, well I guess you could say Dougal does with his animal lover pals! Let me explain...For the last two years @frugaldougal has been organising virtual events on twitter called PawPawties where people from all over the world come together, basically have a pretend 'party' while raising funds for an animal charity or shelter. The events run for a whole 24 hours and people and 'anipals' from all over the world serve virtual drinks, nommy treats and food, play music and take part in competitions for prizes donated by very generous sponsors. We also have a security team who look after any newbies and make sure that anyone on twitter who pops in to the PawPawty knows what it is all about. We even have our own charity shop where you can purchase PawPawty merchandise! I would never have thought when we had the very 1st PawPawty two years ago that it would still be going strong today, and to date we have raised almost $50,000 dollars for 35 shelters from all over the world. The animal community on twitter is a wonderful group of people who come together showing support to individuals who may be going through a rough time, to raising awareness of the plight of animals all over the world. The most recent event that took place was a #pawsforjapan day on the 17th March which was held via twitter, facebook and blogging. People from all over the world helped spread the word about WorldVets who are mobilised in Japan and are already working with local rescue groups. Paws for Japan All of this was organised in a few days led by the Blogpaws Be the Change for Pets team who include Jessica Vogelsang @Pawcurious, Dorian Wagner @yourdailycute and Jane Harrell @petfinder and myself. I am very proud to be a part of this team and hope to meet up with them all again at this year's Blogpaws event in August. The great news is that so far an amazing $32,544 has been raised in less than 48 hours, these much need funds will help World Vets in the coming months as the people of Japan face the many challenges ahead. You can still continue to donate here until the 11th April or directly on the World Vets website As Dougal would say if he could speak! "Thanks to all mai pals" and Hai Paw!  you can check out all of the great bloggers who are taking part below!

  • Squeaky Dog Toy Competition

    Does your dog love squeaky dog toys? If they do then you have to take a look at the mega squeaker mat dog toys that we stock. These toys have an amazing 16 squeakers yep you heard right, 16 noisy squeakers! We think that your dog will love them even if you hate them.

    Dog Toy Gator


    We have a range of 'animals' in this range, ducks, cows, and even an alligator. The squeakers are all individually stitched into different compartments and the plush toys are a lot tougher than they look. We know two happy springer spaniels who have had one for over six months and it has still survived with only one small visit to the dog toy hospital required! They are around 70cm long so are big enough for huge dogs to flap around or smaller ones to snuggle up with after they have had their squeaker fix!
    Cow Dog Toy


    The great news is you could be in with a chance of winning one by entering our competition. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the toy of your choice is to post a comment telling us which is your dog’s favourite squeaky toy. The competition ends on the 6th March at midnight and we will announce the winner on Monday 7th.
    Dog Toy Duck Squeaker Mat


    Imagine how much fun your pooch will have with this mega squeaker toy! We don't think you will find a squeaky dog toy with this many squeakers in your local pet store.

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