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  • My Doggie Valentine

    Who will be your Doggie Valentine? If you want to treat your pooch to something extra special this Valentine's Day then check out our pink and cute themed valentine gifts.  You are sure to find something extra special to show your pooch how much you care. To celebrate how much we all love our dogs we have a special Doggie Valentine prize pack to give away this week. If you are lucky enough to win the pack your pooch will drool over these fab special occasion treats from Wilson's Dog Bakery.

    Doggie Valentine Prize Pack


    The prize includes a box of four Heart Cookie Dog Treats, these gorgeous cookies are made from human grade ingredients and do not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. We are also including a box of special dog chocolates which your pooch will love. Containing all natural ingredients the box has white and dark carob chocolates, a few 'truffle' style treats and even a few foil wrapped treats. The prize is completed with a cute red paw shaped toy for your pooch to have some fun with, they will need to work off the extra calories! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to post a comment telling us what was the best ever Valentine gift you received.  The competition ends on the 30th January at midnight and we will announce the winner on Monday 31st. Remember treats like these are for special occasions only and if you feed your pooch treats make sure you adjust the portion size of their daily feed.

  • Fish4dogs competition

    If you have not tried Fish4dogs treats yet then we are sure your dog will be very happy with you if you win this great prize pack.

    Fish4Dogs Prize Pack


    The prize box contains Sea Biscuit Squares, Sea Jerky Fish Bones, Sea Jerky Skinny Strips and five sample packs of Fish4dogs complete dog food ( if you have a puppy we can substitute this for puppy food sample ). The dog treat range from Fish4dogs is a healthy treat for your pooch as it is extremely low calorie typically 11.31 calories per 10grams of treat. All of the treats are entirely natural with no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings. The new addition to the range is Fish4dogs complete dog food which contains over 55% fish with vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 oils which will aid coat and skin health and joint mobility. Our prize pack contains five sample bags to tempt your pooch. If you want to find out more about the range you can check out the products on line,  we will be adding to the range we stock over the coming weeks. Dougal and Ozzy love them all and can both demolish a treat in less than 3 minutes. We have also been using the puppy food as a training treat for Ozzy, the strong fish smell really keeps his attention better than anything else we have tried. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to post a comment telling us which is your dog's current favourite treat. The competition ends on the 23rd January at midnight and we will announce the winner on Monday 24th.

  • Delicious Dog Treats

    Everyone deserves a special treat once in a while and doggies are no exception, so we are very excited to be stocking these delicious dog treats from Wilson's Pet Bakery. Dog Treat Heart CookiesWe have a range of cookies which are ideal for a Valentines gift for your dog or for a dog loving friend and we can even gift wrap them and include a personalised message. The heart shaped dog treats look divine and smell so good I have even had a little taste myself! I Love U CookiesAll of the cookie dog treats are made from human grade, dog safe ingredients and the do not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. More importantly they do not contain any cocoa or theobromine which can be harmful to dogs. Dog Chocolate You can even treat your pooch to some pet safe chocolates. We have a luxury assortment containing 12 different carob and yoghurt sweets or how about some valentines heart shaped foil wrapped dog chocolates. Dog Chocolate Hearts All of the treats are made in the UK. The biscuits should be eaten within a few weeks of purchase and the chocolates within six months of purchase, but we can't believe they will last that long when your pooch gets a sniff of them. Remember treats like these are meant to be for special occasions and if you feed your pet treats on a regular basis please adjust the portion size of their food accordingly.

  • Dog Training Too Many Tails

    It has been a few years (15 to be precise) since I did any type of proper dog training so I was interested to see how training methods have changed over the years. Off we trotted with Ozzy McDougal last night to his 1st puppy training class. It was great fun, I have never seen so many grown men and women smile so much, just seeing the variety of pups with their owners, comparing stories of house training accidents, chewing incidents and general misdemeanours executed by their respective bundles of fur reminded me why I love dogs. Each pup had their own personality, the cute as a button Henry the poodle won the prize for his scampering while looking uber cute ability. Alfie the minature schnauzer was more than a match for our rather boisterous pup, who always barks above his weight and will tackle a larger dog most of the time, (more of that later). The very well behaved Benny a beagle who was excellent at walking to heel, sit and down, most of which Ozzy excelled in being terrible at. To be fair to the little guy last night was the first time he has been in an enclosed place with so many dogs and people, so his excitement button was turned up to the max! Being a completely bad dog mother I had forgotten that I should not have fed him before the session, or at least I should have given him reduced portions, never the less he did almost chew my thumb off trying to get to his treats. Not because he wanted the treat really, more because he wanted to remove the distraction that was stopping him getting to anyone or anything except me. So the class started with teaching the sit command, Ozzy can manage this at home as we always make him sit before he gets anything, a toy, a treat,  his food so he managed that one OK,  in between anxious glances to the rest of the room. Next came down or lie down, his performance at this was useless and all I managed to do was confuse the little tyke, so some homework for us both I think. We then tried the watch me command, he was not too bad at this having got a little more used to the level of activity around him, but the behaviour was more snap the treat and get on to watching something more exciting. Fetch was next and he was a little star...almost, we do this a lot at home so I waited patiently for my turn, and told him to fetch, he did not disappoint he went straight for the toy turned around, noticed his audience and went to pieces. He was a lot more interested in getting to the other pups and people than fetching a silly old toy that wasn't even his. ( Bad dog mother again forgot to bring his own toy) He had a little play with some of the other pups while the other dogs were trying to fetch, then it was time for the finale. Heel work while weaving in and out around the other dogs. I had a little tuition about how to get the heel position correct..treat in left hand, dog on left and lead in right hand. I would give him about a 3/10 for his performance on this, but it was his first time. The training methods were a lot gentler than 15 years ago, no yanking of leads, or yelling which has got to be better for the dog and the owner. I can honestly say that I felt like I had been at the gym for an hour, I think Ozzy felt he was in doggie heaven, treats, dogs and people, all the things he loves. We have homework to complete so hopefully next week will bring a greater sense of achievement for both of us, but whatever happens Ozzy and I will have fun. As we said our goodbyes to our new friends, outside the next class was waiting to start their class. Ozzy, full love for everyone as usual, heard voices and yipped in delight at the thought of meeting even more pals...the two huge german shepheards were beautiful both in looks and behaviour. Ozzy was amazed, never having seen dogs as big as this and somewhat calmed by the exertions of the previous hour,  he stood nicely, had a sniff, wagged his tail and was a perfectly good boy! Then he hit the deck, it was the closest he got to the down command all evening. We can't wait for next week and neither can Ozzy.

  • Safestix - Fetch Dog Toy

    Having always had Cairn Terriers we know how much they love to chase a stick and both Dougal and Ozzy will even bring them back. Sometimes when they are running with the stick in their mouth I have a slight panic when I think how easily they could injure themselves if the stick stuck in the ground.  Never mind thinking about what sorts of nasties are lurking on the average stick ( see Fig 1). What is on an Average Stick So it  was great when we found this fantastic new product called a Safestix. They were inspired by a pup called  Razzle, a Jack Russell Terrier who used to love playing fetch with his owners ( the inventors of the SafeStix)  until a stick punctured the inside of his mouth. After this his owners made it their mission to create a safe alternative to sticks. Razzle SafeStix are

    • longer than any existing dog toys of their type
    • made from tough, non-toxic rubber
    • textured to maintain your dog’s interest
    • rounded at the ends to prevent lodging in soft ground
    • great for throwing and fetching
    • brightly coloured to aid retrieval by your dog and you
    • and they float!

    SafeStix are available in our shop in a  large (70cm) chunky twist design, with  a smaller 50cm version due out in a few months.


    Even better if you want a chance of winning one of these great new dog fetch toys then all you have to do is post a comment on this blog post telling us the funniest thing your dog has ever 'fetched' on a walk! We will then pick a winner at random from the entries made. Competition is open to all UK & Ireland residents and the closing date is the 16th January at midnight, so get your thinking caps on !

  • Spot Bot saves the day

    I can honestly say that had it not been for the Spot Bot from Bissell having a new pup would have been a much more traumatic event. As everyone knows having a pup takes a lot of time and effort and with Ozzy we have had more than our fair share of mistakes and accidents on carpets during our ongoing house training journey. To be fair to Ozzy I know all of this is our fault not his because when we fail to have a consistent routine with him accidents are sure to happen. Another problem is we have a rather oddly shaped house in that we we have two doors which we use to go into the garden and I believe this has caused little Ozzy some confusion so from today we will be more consistent with the door he uses and hopefully that will help him remember where outside is. But back to the Spot Bot, I have always been suspicious of hand held cleaning devices, do they really work or will they be consigned to the back of the garage with all the other 'seems like a good idea at the time' products? Well I can honestly say that this device is worth every penny. There are three programme options on the model I have, 2 of them are hands free so you simply place the bot over the stain and let it get to work. One of the programmes is for recent stains and the other is for set in stains. Finally there is a manual hand held option as well which is great for smaller stains and stains on upholstery. I have used it on some old non pet related stains that my carpets had and they have all gone, and it works a treat on mopping up Ozzy's accidents, the hand held tool really has extremely powerful suction so in no time at all all traces of the accident can be removed. The only down side is that the cleaning solutions can be expensive so I have been experimenting with home made solutions and so far these seem to be working well. There are specific pet solutions that you can buy from Bissell which are formulated to remove the odour as well to help prevent repeat offenders. I actually bought mine from Lakeland , they had a special free postage offer on before christmas but there is a UK Bissell shop as well so well worth a look if you are looking for the best price. If you have pets who sometimes have accidents or kids who are prone to dropping food and drinks or maybe you just want to keep your carpets stain free then this little Spot Bot could be just what you need. Bissell did not ask or reward me in any way for writing this review I just wanted to share my experiences of this great product. Now instead of yelling at Ozzy I simply count to ten and get the Spot Bot on the job.

  • PetSox help protect paw injuries

    If you have ever had a dog or cat with a paw injury then you will know how difficult it can be to protect the dressing while allowing your pet to walk around or even go outside for a gentle walk. I have tried many home made solutions, an old sock, a carrier bag even an old bit of rubber glove! Now I do not recommend any of the above DIY solutions but I can recommend the PetSox a great new waterproof pet bandage cover. They can be easily cut to size and the non slip pad on the bottom will give your pet a feeling of security on polished surfaces like wooden or tile floors. Simply apply over the already cleaned and dressed wound and secure with length of cohesive bandage of other suitable pet friendly tape. The Petsox are available in three sizes depending on the breed of dog and the smaller size would also be suitable for cats. They are washable and reusable. We are really pleased to be stocking this great new product. Science Bit Petsox technology is based on a latex free, 3-layer system that incorporates a waterproof breathable membrane in the middle layer. The membrane is based on hydrophilic polymer technology having a solid structure that physically stops water passing through the membrane. The membrane breathes by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapor molecules allowing moisture build up inside to dissipate to the outside. Having a waterproof pet bandage cover is important to ensure that the bandage remains dry and clean and breathability is important to ensure that moisture does not build up on the inside of the Petsox which can lead to discomfort.

  • Puppies Puppies Everywhere

    As you may know we have had our new pup Ozzy McDougal for quite a few months now,and he has really grown so much over the past few months that we have almost forgotten what he looked like when he was first with us. Luckily my twitter friend @poppy_dog sent me some lovely pics of the puppies that her (niece?) Stumpy had recently. Just look at the little bundles of joy, and just like you would expect these puppies get everywhere playing, eating and sleeping!






    All of the puppies will soon be on their way to their new forever homes where their new pet parents will no doubt lavish them with attention and love. We should have taken more pictures of Ozzy when he was little but I think we were too busy getting used to having a new pup in the house. I can only imagine how much work it has been for Poppy looking after all of the new puppies. Remember a pup is a big responsibility, they need lots of attention, training, love and patience by the bucket full, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort you will be rewarded with a loyal loving companion.

  • Anne-Claire Petit Knitted Toys

    We just love Anne-Claire Petit knitted toys and recently we found this video which shows off some of their great designs.

    The knitted toys are not really dog or cat toys unless you have the most well behaved pet, guess that rules all of our bunch out.  Instead you could treat a friend who loves dogs and cats to one of the lovely animals we stock. Our range includes Terriers, Dachshunds, Flat Cats and Flat Dogs in lots of different colours. Remember they are also suitable for children from birth onwards as they have no small parts which might get into little hands or mouths!

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