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  • Frosty Dog Walk

    Wow just look at the frosty covering everything on our walk had this morning. I don't think I can ever remember seeing this amount of ice and frost on trees, it is just beautiful. The dogs are enjoying their frosty walk even though they end up with very cold paws. Perhaps we need to get some doggie boots in to protect them! The trees just look fantastic, like someone has sprinkled them with icing sugar. Looking very close at a post you can even see how the ice has formed along all of the tiny fibres. It really is a winter wonderland outside this week. Best of all no messy paw prints as the ground is completely frozen so no chance of walking any mud back inside at the moment. Stay safe in this very frosty weather and drive carefully if you are out and about!

  • Stocking Filler time for your pets

    Not much time now to get your pets sorted out with a stocking filler or two. We have some fun ideas that should bring a smile to your face on christmas morning. We have a great range of christmas themed large toys boy these are a few of our smaller novelty items just in case you need to fill that stocking! Barking Dogs This great little plush dog toys bark out "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" or "Jingle Bells. Your pooch will love it. Made from soft brown plush fabric with cute doggy antlers. These little guys are sure to bring lots of cheer to your pooch and you on Christmas day. As an added feature the "voice box" is fully removable so that your dog can play with the toy safely on their own. A great little festive stocking filler. These toys are very small and really only suitable for small pooches or as a novelty gift for a dog lover! Pip Squeaks These fun dog toys are little pipsqueaks and you and your dog will have great fun playing with them. They are a lovely little novelty plush toy which contain a removable 'voice box' that makes the noise of the animal when shaken. We have a pig, donkey, elephant and rabbit available. These toys are very small and really only suitable for small pooches or as a novelty gift for a dog lover! Hide Cards We have a range of edible greeting cards for your dog which are a tasty, chewy treat for your favourite pooch. Made from 100% rawhide with all natural vegetable colourings. This design from Reg and Ruby has a cute christmas stocking, bone and present design. A great idea for treating your pooch at christmas. Check out our other designs. A great stocking filler that you can pop in the post as it comes with a sturdy envelope. Christmas Stockings Our Pet Christmas Stockings are a great addition to your festive decorations. Our range contains some fun and funky designs and we even have a few that you can personalise by adding a photo of your pooch. Your pets will love to sniff out all of the goodies that you place inside. These durable designs will stand the test of time and you will love to hang them up year after year for your furry friends. Great fun presents for your pets! It's not too late to grab a few stocking filler for your pet or your animal loving friends. Last posting for standard deliveries is the 16th December, ( we would 1st Class as we are expecting another blast of winter weather).

  • Top 5 Cat Christmas Gifts

    Having told you about what our most popular doggie gifts are, it is only fitting that we also let you know about what we have on offer for kittens and cats so check out our Top 5 Cat Christmas Gifts. 1. Dear Santa Claws Christmas Stocking This great cat christmas stocking from Reg and Ruby is just the thing for a classy cat on christmas morning. The design is just beautiful, made from hessian which we bet your kitty will love to get their claws on! Complete with a cute cat nip fish toy all you have to do is fill it with presents for your feline friend. Price £5.49 2. Fish Double Cat Bowl from Hing Designs Your cat will love this super fish shaped bowl almost as much as you will. The funky orange colour will look great in a modern kitchen, non slip feet and removable bowls for easy cleaning. Price £19.99 3. Plague Rat Cat Toys A Plague Rat is no ordinary cat toy. These little bundles of fun are hand made in Wales, and are filled with a potent mixture of catnip and valerian root. They are made from linen with woollen tails, leather ears and small beady rat eyes. These little guys are so potent that we advise you to make sure that you are around when the postman delivers them, we have had more than a few people tell us that parcels have been opened by paw, by kitty cats who can't wait to get their paws on them. Special Price £2.99 4. City Scape Card Board Scratching Post This Cat Scratch Post from Luckies is possibly the most funky cat scratch post we have ever seen. Made from long lasting cardboard with a retro city landscape and helicopter that your kitty can chase around the city. It really does look like no other scratch post with three buildings that your cat can scale these slot neatly into the jigsaw design non slip base. The cardboard texture is unlike furniture and textiles so this will help train your kitty to claw this instead of your carpet or furniture. The different size buildings make it perfect for climbing and also easy for young cats and kittens use. Price £18.99 5. Cheeky Cat Teaser Toy This cheeky cat teaser is sure to give your cat lots of entertainment. The teaser toys from Hem and Boo are bright and colourful with lots of great textures and sounds with arms, legs and ears for your cat to catch hold of and play with. Each teaser has a colourful holder ( to protect your hands! ) with a long string so the cheeky cat can fly through the air or scramble across the floor. Price £3.99 If you don't see anything you fancy in our Top 5 you can check out the rest of our range.

  • Hearts and Hounds

    You all know how we love hunting down great new items on Etsy well imagine our  surprise when we realised that one of our lovely twitter pals @sukesu is the mastermind behind Hearts and Hounds! What is even better they are based in the UK in Lincoln (not that far away from us)

    Just look at this lovely apron with some cute Scotty Dogs it would look right at home in our kitchen and these irresistible cushions would make fab christmas presents for any greyhound or scotty lovers out there. Susan was inspired to create Hearts and Hounds by her love of dogs, especially her 3 gorgeous greyhounds , and her love of all things heart shaped. She started by making fabric hearts for friends and 'pooch pillows' for their homes and dogs. Where possible natural fabrics and home-grown, dried herbs (when available) are used and each item is handmade in her dining room sewing salon! How lovely to find some great Etsy gear so close to home!

  • Top 5 Dog Christmas Gifts

    Well what a busy week we have had, picking and packing lots of lovely Christmas Gifts for some very very lucky dogs. Just in case some of you are looking for inspiration I thought I would share the Top 5 Dog Christmas Gifts from Dougal's Den. 1. Dog Christmas Stocking with Picture Pocket This fun stocking has a little picture pocket built in so you can add a cute picture of your pooch! It comes in two sizes and is priced at £4.99 for the small size and £7.99 for the larger size. All you have to do is decide what to fill it with! 2. Hide A Toy Gingerbread House This plush puzzle toy is great for dogs who like get bored with the usual stuffed toys. This funky little gingerbread house is a lovely biscuit colour with white fur trim icing and fun candy stripe shapes. Each house contains three squeaky toys a cube, a bone and of course a gingerbread man who is wearing a cute santa hat. Your dog will love 'finding' the toys inside the house we predict hours of fun. 3. Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy

    Another of the  hide and seek toy range we stock. The toy is shaped like a tree trunk with strategically placed holes so you can place the three squirrels inside and your dog has to figure out how to get the little critters out. When they do just stuff the squirrels back in again for lots of fun and games.Three sizes ranging from £8.99 to £15.99

    STOP PRESS only small and medium sizes now available, new delivery expected in January ! 4. Ball Buddy Santa These cute and cuddly Ball Buddies squeak when you squeeze ‘em. The extra-loud squeaker ball bodies make this plush and ball combo a surefire dog favourite. A great little stocking filler suitable for medium to larger size dogs as the ball is probably on the large size for smaller dogs to get their chops around. Priced at a very reasonable £4.99. 5. Rawhide Edible Christmas Tree Decorations Three tasty, chewy treats for your favourite pooch. Made from 100% rawhide with all natural vegetable colourings. This design from Reg and Ruby contains three dog themed christmas decorations, a star with a cute bone, a christmas tree shape also with a bone and another bone with a sprig of holly. A great idea for keeping your pooch busy on Christmas Day. Price £3.49 If you don't see anything you fancy in the Top 5 you can check out the rest of our range.

  • Dougal and Ozzy

    Quick post for all the guys and gals who have been asking to see Dougal and new addition Ozzy together. This was shot a few weeks ago on one of our morning walks, as you can see Ozzy is still a little cheeky with Dougal and really just needs putting in his place. Dougal bless him is the perfect gent and only really gets annoyed when his food is under attack. Even though he is 15 as you can see the old guy still manages the odd charge or two to catch up after a sniff around the mole hills. The young'un is still so fascinated by everything that is is almost impossible to get him to stand still for a photo so you can see much more of him on a video. Hope you all enjoy seeing the boys together as much as we enjoy being with them every day.

  • Pet Pop Art by Bztat


    I had to share with all of you this beautiful picture of Dougal that my friend Vicki (aka @Bztat) painted for me at the beginning of this year.  It really captures his personality and it hangs in pride of place in our sitting room. I met Vicki virtually through the charity work that I do on twitter, via the monthly PawPawty events that you may have heard about. One of  Vicki's cats @brewskiebutt is great friends with @frugaldougal , they usually get up to no good at the events!

    I have also had the pleasure of meeting Vicki in the flesh a few times this year when we travelled over to the USA to speak at some Pet Social Media conferences. At the events I have also been able to see some of the fantastic paintings she has created for other animal lovers in the flesh. You can have a look at her gallery to see examples of her work. Although Vicki is based in the USA  you can get your very own personalised pet portraits in the UK , ( or anywhere else in the world !)  it just costs a little more to post across the pond! You can contact Vicki via her site or by contacting @bztat on twitter. You can be sure that the painting you receive will be a true original. No one else will have the same one hanging on their wall in fact it will be as unique as your pooch or kitty. There are lots of people on twitter who have had a personalised pop art pet painting from @bztat just contact us if you need any more information or want to see other examples of her work.

  • Love Pets Show

    Well we are almost recovered after our 1st big pet show. We attended the Love Pets show in Peterborough on the 27th and 28th November. It was just our luck that the snow came early this year so there were not as many visitors as we would have liked nevertheless we did get a chance to meet lots of new customers and show them our great products. Our stand really was one of the most colourful around and all of the positive comments we received certainly made the trudge through the snow worth while. We actually had to get up at 6.30am to clear snow off the road so we could get the van out! The most popular products were the Bone Bowls, we are almost out of the colours so if you fancy one for your pooch for christmas then you better move fast! The Puzzle dog toys were also very popular, there will be lots of pooches playing new games on christmas day. Finally the mega squeaker mats which are sure to please pooches who like squeaky toys were flying off the shelves with the extra tough real animal squeakers being the most popular. It was great to see so many customers face to face and we are hoping to do a few more events next year. Unfortunately the boys Dougal and Ozzy had to stay with the dogsitter but somehow I don't think they minded one little bit as I hear they were both romping around snow filled fields before a big snuggle in front of the roaring fire. So all in all a great weekend was had by all. A huge thanks to everyone who took the time to come see us at Love Pets Show for all the great comments on our products and of course we hope to hear from those who made a purchase.

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